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Earthdance 3rd Sunday Jam

An opportunity to learn and practice the form of Contact Improvisation.
Open Level CI Class 3:30 -5:00pm.
Contact Jam: 5 - 7pm.
Sliding Scale Cost: Class Only: $10, Jam: $8 - $10. Class & Jam: $15-20.
Come join us for an exciting afternoon of dancing.


June 17, 2011: Sue Lauther

Inside/Out and Outside/In
How can reaching out to someone fill your center?  How can the floor/earth/fixed structure/wall support your center to reach out to others and propel it through space?  Let's play with those forces and conduits that bring us in communication with others who are far and near to our core.

Sue Lauther (MFA from University of Illinois) teaches western dance techniques and practices Contact Improvisation in Troy, New York, USA at the Emma Willard School and is about to embark on a 13-month tour around the world.  She has worked and studied with the likes of Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Nina Martin, Karen Nelson, Martin Keogh, Chris Aiken, KJ Holmes, and others. Sue teaches internationally, and enjoys the metaphors Contact inspires: support, self-sufficiency, interconnectedness, riding through the unexpected, and much more!


July 2011 - Rythea Lee

Moving What Feels Good
This Contact Improvisation Class will focus on the patterns in our body that feel good, useful, and smart. For fun, I will throw in some new patterning and see how it affects how we move and navigate in connection. This will be a chance to go inward and move from the inside, making more conscious the natural ways we organize our bodies. Then we will take our impulses outward, into dances with others and into the room, noticing how our patterns change. The play of what feels good within and without will guide us through the class.



August 2011 -Lani Nahele

September 2011 -Jeff Bliss

October 2011 -Stephen Yoshen

November 2011 -Patrick Crowley

December 2011 - Christine Cole

January 2012 - Moti Zemelman

February 2012 -Rowan St. John





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