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umbrella barn
umbrella barn

The "Umbrella" Dance Studio

This Studio, built in 1999, is an architectural marvel. Gazing up from the center of this astounding 2,000-square-foot space, you look through a circle of performance lights at a huge pillar suspended from the 45-foot-high peak. On your back, you feel the silky sprung maple floor, warmed by heat radiating from beneath the wood. Looking to the side, through the circle of windows, you glimpse an apple orchard, an old foundation, and a meadow of soft grasses.
The Dance Barn

The cathedral-roofed dance barn is a large (24' x 48') studio equipped with piano, sound system, and limited theatrical lighting. The maple floor is sprung and sanded silky to the touch. With a wall of windows looking out into the woods, the dance barn is bright and spacious.
A loft balcony, containing a massage table, futons and chairs, overlooks the dance floor, providing a space for bodywork and personal reflection. A large-screen TV and VCR are available and can be brought into the space.


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