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The Pioneer Valley, sometimes called the 'Happy Valley,' is a unique blend of cultures, classes and spiritual beliefs. But unfortunately, like so many other towns and cities in America, the Valley's intellectual capacity to appreciate diversity, ensure equal opportunity, and share resources among all its citizenry exceeds its willingness to make this thought a reality. It is only through supporting our young people in their efforts to lead our community that we will create the Happy Valley so often fondly talked about.

Thank you for considering sponsorship of this conference! Efforts for adequate change cannot happen without your support!

Thanks to the many sponsors who have made the JF/HTHLC possible over the past (4) years, including (this is only a partial list):

Fertile Ground, Solidago Foundation, Old Creamery Grocery, The Hilltown Sustainability Group, Youth Leadership in the Arts, Video Vanguard, Men's Resource International, Sisters Inc, RavenWood Freedom Farm, American Friends Service Committee, Food bank of Western Massachusetts, Holyoke Charter School, Florence Heights Afterschool Program, Team Resource Project and Carlos McBride, Cobalt Manor Afterschool Program, Greenfield Community Television, Keith Snow, Chicopee, The Holyoke Health Center, Equal Opportunites & Diversity, Department of Unviersity of Massachusetts, Girls, Inc, Art Angels, Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, and Food for Thought Books.


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Michael Franti talks with the Julius Ford/Harriet Tubeman Healthy Living Project



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