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E | MERGE Interdisciplinary Artist Residency

February 14-26, 2012

Open Call & Application (now closed)

Help sustain E|MERGE!

While E|MERGE has been an incredible success for the artists in supporting the vibrant mission and environment that Earthdance sustains, Earthdance does not currently have funding for this program.  We remain committed to subsidizing this residency for artists, who already have the expenses of travel and time without income for 12 days. We are committed to providing this crucial  time and space to hard-working artists.

Help us to sustain this project.  Make a pledge today!

E|MERGE encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration toward forging new creative relationships, that bridge known and unknown territories.

This residency is ideal for those interested in collaborating and cross-pollinating ideas with artists from other disciplines and backgrounds. Many of the collaborations begun during this residency have continued to develop into rich & ongoing artistic relationships. E|MERGE is a residency that has grown into an organically developing network of highly skilled artists.

Past residency projects have included: a Museum of Narrow Spaces taking place in multiple locations throughout the Earthdance grounds & physical landscape; a performance installation performed for one audience member at a time, centered around a remote cabin; a photo shoot and participatory installation in our lodge kitchen; a video installation in a library loft; an experiment in creating an improvisational group animal without the use of language; a multi-media piece on self & isolation; and so much more.

Here's what some E|MERGE resident artists have to say:

E|MERGE is one of the most innovative arts residencies imaginable. It is incredible to have at one's disposal, a group of exquisitely talented interdisciplinary artists who not only have skills, but also have concentrated space and time to work together. The collaborations that result are unique and surprisingly unpredictable... As an artist the Emerge residency gave me both the resources and the time to create what would not have been possible to create elsewhere. The place became as much a part of the content of what was created as the content of the piece itself. -Kristen Greco, choreographer

Artists are meant to learn from each other, and to defy the hierarchical relationships that have perpetuated mentor/student dysfunction, internalized oppression, isolation, etc. E|MERGE presented a model for interrogating those relationships, breaking them apart, and re-forming them in new ways. -Emmy Bean, actor/singer/puppeteer


What Earthdance can offer you: 

•  Working/ Performance spaces

•  Including 2 beautiful, large dance studios with sprung maple floors and radiant heating.

•  A number of cabin's and other spaces ideal for installations, video/sound editing locations, and unconventional performance spaces.

•  The great outdoors: more than 125 acres of (snow-covered) meadow and forest for art-making or respite.

•  Highly skilled peer group for inspiration and collaboration.

•  Structured lab time for feedback and experimentation.

•  A weekend of workshops and labs led by you and your co-artists.

•  3 vegetarian meals a day

•  A wood-stove sauna nestled in the woods

What Earthdance expects of the artists:

•  There will be a workshop/ lab weekend open to the general public the first weekend of the E | MERGE residency. Some residency artists will be invited to teach or co-teach one 2-3 hr. workshop. This workshop can be working with any material the artist is interested in, researching, or just wants to investigate in this context. Our hope is that artists will take advantage of this time for creative research, engaging one another & the public directly with your current exploration and curiosity.

•  Participation fee: $200 for the 12-day residency, to assist with food & housing expenses. We encourage artists to solicit private sponsors, and will happily offer a letter or other supplemental materials to support your fundraising efforts.

•  A public presentation of a work at some stage of development.

•  All participants assist in some cleaning and cooking chores during the residency.

•  Earthdance will be developing a Kickstarter campaign to help subsidize this residency. Participating artists are asked to encourage your followers to contribute.  We will also be looking for in-kind donations in terms of creative gift ideas for donor awards.

If you feel that this situation is a good match for you please apply and/or spread the word to other artists you know.

Application & further information below!

Thank you in advance for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you. If you're unable to accept our invitation to apply, please consider other ways you might be at Earthdance www.earthdance.net in the future.


the E | MERGE curatorial team

Krista DeNio, Daniel Bear Davis, Karen Bernard


(Application is now closed.)


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