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Intuitive Systems for Contact Improvisation

with Eckhard Müller
and Daniela Schwartz

Oct 23 (Sun. evening) Oct 27 (Thurs. afternoon )


In this workshop we will explore the center-periphery connection as a key principle to separate and reconnect the limbs to the center in different ways. With more awareness for our own body in motion, we will be ready to connect to our partner's body and fully commit to the dance, while we stay centered and grounded, as we enter our spherical space. Through respectful listening and body actions like scanning, sensing, reading, leaning, proposing, following, accepting, resisting, balancing, counter-balancing, etc, we will engage ourselves in an open physical dialogue. Understanding and integrating some of the principles, we will find more trust and freedom in our own body, own movements and in the communication with our partner.

Eckhard (Germany/France) co-founder of the Contact Festival Freiburg, has been enthusiastically dancing and performing CI since 1988. In his teaching he is playfully searching for depth in the understanding of the form. He danced for Mark Tompkins, David Zambrano and others and has been a member of Cie dégadezo, Strasbourg since 2002.

Daniela (Argentina/France) has been involved in the practice, performance and teaching of CI since 1998 and is a member of dance companie dégadezo. As a visual artist, she is interested in the body, space and movement in the present moment as material for research, expression and creation. Her multiple medias: video, objects, installation are present in her practices.

Total Workshop Fee = Tuition + Room & Board.

Tuition (4 Tier Sliding Scale):
Student Rate: Student or unemployed: $150
Regular Rate: Employed but struggling: $175
Professional Rate: Employed, making a livable wage: $200
Contributor Rate: Support Earthdance Scholarship Fund: $225

Room & Board: $175

$50 discount if also attending the Fall Jam!

Deposit Required*: $75

Arrival FridaySunday 10/23 after 5 p.m.
Last session ends Thursday afternoon 10/27

Partial Scholarships are sometimes available for Earthdance workshops. Please click here for more information.


*You will not be officially registered until we receive your deposit. If your registration is cancelled up to 3 weeks prior to a workshop, you may either transfer the entire deposit amount to another event or be refunded 1/2 of the deposit. Cancellations within 3 weeks of the start date are not eligible for a refund or transfer.


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