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Nomadic College
June 2012

The Nomadic College (NC) is an annual gathering organized by the Axis Syllabus Research Community hosting workshops, lectures, a choreographic laboratory, jams and artist residencies. After many years traveling all across Europe, the NC is happy to return to North America in June 2012 to reside at the beautiful Earthdance Workshop & Retreat Cener in Northern Massachusetts. The Nomadic College is a month long event that provides a focused environment for the study and practice of the Axis Syllabus-  a trans-disciplinary research and education platform  concerned with the practice, study and teaching of bio-mechanics as they apply to human movement and the art of dancing.   The NC thrives to be a place for movement artists to replenish, investigate old and new patterns and to acquire skills for sustaining and inspiring their paths in the moving and healing arts. Teachers include Frey Faust (EU), Baris Mihci ( BE/TK), Francesca Pedulla (I), Kelly Keenan (CA), Kira Kirsch (US/EU), Ruth Douthwright(CA) among many others sharing their diverse experience and unique perspectives in dance and movement techniques, traditional and contemporary african, folk, rhythm, contact improvisation or choreography. The NC will also host weekly jams, performances, a kids program and a series of community classes.  www.axissyllabus.com

Registration opens January 1, 2012

Schedule & Prices will be posted soon!


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