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Earthdance's Umbrella Fund
Raising funds to support our most important resources: dance space, gathering space, community space.

Spirit: Wow, it's not just Summer—our busiest season of the year, but as always and perhaps more than ever a huge moment of transition for the organization, and community. Not only will July of 2011 mark the beginning of Earthdance's 25 th Anniversary, but we have some significant changes in the leadership of Earthdance. As part of these changing times we need our community's financial support!

Krista: You sure said it Spirit. After 8 years here at Earthdance you're preparing for the next phase of life (an MBA program at the Isenberg school of business at UMASS)! That means we must CELEBRATE. Beginning at our upcoming JULY 4th JAM, we will celebrate you, as well as Jess Lotak - our incoming Associate Director, and most important of all Earthdance's 25 th ANNIVERSARY!

Spirit: Wow, it's amazing how much Earthdance has grown and accomplished over the past 25 years, and even more exciting to think about Earthdance 25 years from now. But you know Krista, as I prepare to step down, I'm also thinking about some of the ongoing items that I've been working on for many years, which still aren't resolved. The biggest one I can think of is planning better for our facilities. By the way, have you ever crawled underneath our umbrella studio. You know that beautiful, light filled studio that we dance in?

Krista: You've told me about it, but I haven't actually been under there.

Spirit: Well let me tell you, it isn't nearly so pretty as up above. It's actually about 3.5 feet high, and its full of water and moisture because we live at the bottom of a big hill and the studio is built on ledge that means water just flows right in. Check out these pictures of our beautiful studio space (above and below).

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Above Beautiful Dance Space

BelowMold & Mildew Damage


Krista: Yikes, that looks pretty scary. THIS is why we need to raise so much money for our ongoing facilities maintenance plan, and why we're initiating the new UMBRELLA Fund . The Umbrella Fund will run from 2011-13, working in three phases, in order to secure the funds that we need to undertake major repairs & renovations to keep our current FACILITIES alive & active! This year we've completed a 20 year Systems Replacement Plan (SRP). We are excited to have this detailed plan in place, with a clear map for how to move toward making our structures and facilities sustainable for us to continue serving YOU the community, for many years to come!

That's the good news!

Spirit: So…onto the not as good news: It takes a LOT of $$$, to maintain these facilities. Let's say: $1 million over the next 20 years (or about $50,000/year). Okay, we hope we can get the job done with less, but this is what they recommend. To start with, we've applied for a $90,000 matching grant with the Cultural Facilities Fund. Therefore our goal for phase 1 (2011 – 2012) of the Umbrella Fund is $90,000.00.

Krista: Yep, we've got our work cut out for us, but we've also got so many wonderful resources. We have successfully launched our new 3-Year Giving Club (or as we've named it: “The Spirit Club”, after you, dear Spirit!). Members of the club agree to contribute $1,000 or more for three years in a row. We currently have 6 members contributing $16,000/year! Thank you so much!!! And our artist residencies, contact improvisation jams, in-depth intensives, and rental programs are all thriving.

Spirit: They sure are Krista. So many people love, value & rely on Earthdance! So, dear community: We want YOU to help us kick off our 25 th Anniversary and our Umbrella Fund Campaign! Please make your contribution now.

SPREAD THE WORD, and we'll see you in the Umbrella barn, dancing, or on the land walking, eating, hanging with community members, or somewhere soon in the beautiful Western Massachusetts summer sunlight!

We welcome donations at all levels

Earthdance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As such your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.



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