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Scholarship/Workstudy Options

Earthdance strives to keep our events affordable for everyone. We have recently begun using a sliding scale for the tuition portion of our workshop fees in order to give people the option of paying the amount that best suits their budget.

We also offer limited "workstudy" (or work exchange) and scholarships for many of our events.


  • Workstudy is available for Jams only.
  • We may sometimes offer other workstudy positions for other workshops on an individual basis based on our need for additional help here at Earthdance.
  • Normally workstudy is not an option for workshops as the workstudy times would conflict with workshop attendance. Workstudy jobs are most often in the kitchen helping with the preparation and clean-up of meals.
  • We pay $10 per hour, after the workstudy has been completed. We still ask that you pay for the full cost of the Jam upfront, and then we re-imburse you for your hours at the end of the Jam.
  • Workstudy positions are given out on a first come, first served basis. To apply fill out this application.
  • If you have special skills or other ideas of ways that you could do workstudy, please contact us. (right now we currently need people to help work on the renovations of our new dormitory housing!!)


  • We offer up to two scholarships per workshop
  • The amount of the scholarships ranges between $40 for a weekend workshop and $100-200 for longer workshops.
  • In order to receive a scholarship, you must apply in writing at least one month before the workshop explaining your financial need and why attending the workshop is important to you. Statements can be submitted to: contact@earthdance.net, or mailed to 252 Prospect St., Plainfield, MA 01070
  • There are no scholarships for Jams.
  • Scholarships do not apply to events produced by groups renting the Earthdance facilities.

If you would like to donate to our scholarship fund, please contact us.