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A Campaign to Unlock Earthdance's Creative (& functional) Potential with Improved Technology

Six years ago, Earthdance had only (1) functioning email account, but today we are ON OUR WAY to becoming a regular, bona fide, TECHNOLOGIZED , dance and interdisciplinary arts center!

Please take a few moments to reflect on the positive effects that cutting edge technology has had on our world, fostering educational tool sharing and heightened capacity for progressive, inter-community, grass-roots connections and work! 


EARTHDANCE - an internationally known hub & home of Improvisational Dance is moving into the interactive world of information sharing and technology to support our consistently evolving, cross-disciplinary programming of dance, somatic practices, ecology, theater, interdisciplinary arts, and community-building.


  • An updated WEBSITE that will more fully represent Earthdance, sharing the work we do, and who we are in the world.
  • A new DATABASE, which will save vast amounts of staff time and energy (just ask our efficient, but overworked, Office Manager), enabling us to better communicate with you - our participants, supporters, and friends.
  • A CAMERA, VIDEO CAMERA, AND MICROPHONES, to archive and capture video, audio, and experiential moments from the work, such as SEEDS | Earthdance or the recent Material for the Spine workshop with Steve Paxton.
  • LIGHTING GELS, A MIXING BOARD, CABLES AND MORE, to support the innovative and community-building performances and presentations by the teachers, and artists in our studios.

To support our vision to keep Earthdance DANCING with vitality, efficiency, flow and efficacy, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE NOW!

With the tools to document, publicize, share, and support the incredible work that occurs here, the land and spaces that it occurs on, and the communities who create it, Earthdance can significantly raise the level of our work overall. With higher quality representation of our work, we can SECURE MORE FUNDS for doing it, which in turn will allow us to provide more resources to all of our community.

Thank you, as always, for your support,
Krista DeNio & Spirit Joseph
Co-Executive Directors

P.S. Your support could also allow us to replace several of our office computers, some of which are7 or 8 years old (...which in computer years is around 105.  We're happy to celebrate their long life, by sending them off for a retirement vacation right about NOW!).

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Goal: $15,000


Earthdance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As such your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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